History of Dairy Delin

1969 : Creation of the Dairy DELIN by Jacques and Jacqueline DELIN parents of the current president. Before arriving in Gilly-lès-Cîteaux, Mr. and Mrs. Delin had a dairy in Marsannay-La-Cote. Milk was collected in the surrounding farms near Dijon (21 Côte d'Or, Burgundy).

In the 70s, the expansion of production is very fast in 10 years. The first fresh milk bottles and white cheese were quickly complemented by soft cheeses.

1980 :The production is moving more and more towards the manufacture of cheese enriched with cream, Brillat-Savarin type fresh and matured. The dairy realizes the first tests of Brillat-Savarin with different flavors.

1990 :Philippe Delin, son and third child of the founders of the company, gradually returns to the dairy, by totally managing the milk collect, the export and the production.
The distribution was actually for 80% regional.
The milk is collected from local producers in Burgundy and Franche-Comté. This wish of quality raw material is possible by having direct contact with the farms is a guarantee of quality of the finished product. This requirement is still valid and the relationship between dairy farmers and increasingly strong and important.

1996 : Creation of Le Regal de Bourgogne grape flavor, innovative product and still popular with customers today. Distributed at the beginning in Belgium, France and now all over the world.

Early 2000s : Huge investments in premises for production improvement are made. These important investments for the sustainability of the production site helped to understand the major export markets such as the USA and CANADA.

From 2003 : Participation in the Concours Général Agricole of PARIS, Brillat-Savarin was awarded with medals every year recognition of the profession and experience of DELIN.

2007 :Quick evolution exchanges with CANADA and the USA, Brillat-Savarin is then export with innovative packaging, individual cheese bell allowing the cheese to mature during the sea journey.

2014 : A new production building out of the ground in the same town at the entrance to Gilly les Citeaux.

Some key figures: production area of 4000m², € 8.1 million of investment and improvement of means of production.
The turnover of the cheese is distributed as follows: wholesale, export, retail and growing direct sales at the store.



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Située à Gilly-lès-Cîteaux (21), la Fromagerie Delin vous accueille sur son site de production et dans son magasin. La fromagerie vous propose
de nombreux fromages issus de sa production maison ainsi que divers produits régionaux et spécialités locales.