Dairy Delin’s recipes

Dairy Delin is located Gilly Les Citeaux, near Dijon (21 Côte d'Or, Burgundy). On its large production site, the cheese also has a shop where you will find all Delin cheeses and many regional products and local specialties. If you cannot make it to the shop, the Delin house has many partners and distributors where you will find Delin products

Dairy Delin offers you some suggestions for cooking products and some recipe ideas to delight your guests with Delin products!





1 Parc d’Activité de la Petite Champagne - 21640 Gilly-lès-Cîteaux - Tél. : 03 80 62 87 20 - Fax : 03 80 62 80 34

Située à Gilly-lès-Cîteaux (21), la Fromagerie Delin vous accueille sur son site de production et dans son magasin. La fromagerie vous propose
de nombreux fromages issus de sa production maison ainsi que divers produits régionaux et spécialités locales.